St Heliers Petanque Club

In May 2011, the disused C Green was converted to a petanque piste and a new division of the club was formed.  Power was added, together with a water cooler, to the B green pavilion and renamed "Le Petit Chateau".  Since then, the Petanque members have installed a seating area and sunshade.

The division has flourished with a steady increase in their numbers and they play an important part in the Bowling Club's social calendar.

Social/Corporate Events:
We can cater for up to 54 players, or 18 teams of 3, all year round.  We provide boules and tuition and you are assured of a fun time. There is plenty of seating with a large table under a canopy for drinks/food in between games which are tailored to your requirements.  A BBQ can be supplied at no additional cost and although we do not provide caterers, many groups bring finger food or arrange for food to be delivered.   We are part of the St.Heliers Bowling Club which is well stocked with all beverages at excellent prices - unfortunately the Liquor Licence does not allow BYO.

For more information or to arrange your event, please contact Dorothy Keightley, ph. 0274 505 745,or Adrienne Grogan, ph. 575 6617.


Committee: Dorothy Keightley (Chair), Carmen Allen (Secretary), Dale Ormrod (Treasurer),

Brian English, Christine Devlin, Jocelyn Webster, Nadia Davison

Wednesday Play:
All year round - 10.15am for 10.30am start.

Friday Play:
All year round – 1.45pm for 2pm start.

Sunday Play:
All year round – 1.45pm for 2pm start.

Special Sundays – Lunchtime Bbq (commencing 12.30pm) prior to playing at 2pm

                5 September     3 October            7 November  (2021)

                6 February         6 March               10 April              15 May    (2022)

There will be two games of drawn pairs with points contributing to a ‘winner for the day’ who
will be presented with a prize, also the ‘runner up’.

Special Events, APA Tournaments and other information will be posted on the Chateau


Sunday 5th                                           Bbq – Drawn Pairs Competition                 12.30pm

Sunday 3rd                                           Bbq – Drawn Pairs Competition                 “

Sunday 7th                                           Bbq – Drawn Pairs Competition                 “
Thursday  11th                                    Mid Week Seniors – St Heliers                   9.30am

Saturday 11th                                      Christmas Party                                            6.30pm

JANUARY- 2022                                Normal Play Wed/Sunday
Friday 14th                                           Play 2pm – Drinks Bowling Club               4pm
Friday 21st                                           as above                              “                         4pm
Friday 28th                                           as above                              “                         4pm

Friday 4th                                             Play 2pm – Drinks Bowling Club               4pm
Sunday 6th                                           Bbq - Drawn Pairs Competition                 12.30pm
Friday 11th                                           Play 2pm – Drinks Bowling  Club              4pm
Friday 18th                                           as above                              ‘’                         4pm
Friday 25th                                           as above                              “                         4pm

Friday 4th                                             Play 2pm – Drinks Bowling Club                4pm
Sunday 6th                                           Bbq – Drawn  Pairs Competition               12.30pm
Friday 11th                                                Play 2pm – Drinks Bowling Club          4pm
Friday 18th                                           as above                              “                         4pm
Sunday 20th                                         Club ‘Singles Competition”                         2pm
Friday 25th                                           Play 2pm – Drinks Bowling Club               4pm

Friday 1st                                              Play 2pm – Drinks Bowling Club               4pm
Friday 8th                                             as above                                                         4pm
Friday 15th                                           Good Friday – no play
Sunday 18th                                         Easter Sunday – normal play                     2pm                      

Sunday 15th                                         Bbq /AGM                                                     12.30 / 3pm

Saturday 25th                                     Mid Year Dinner                                             6pm

Sunday 17th                                         Bastille Day Celebration – bring a plate   2pm

AUGUST                                              Normal Play Wed /Fri / Sunday

Special Events, APA Tournaments and other information will be posted on the Chateau noticeboard. 

The full APA calendar is on the Chateau notice board.