Welcome to the 2024-25 season.  The natural green is looking the best it has been in years and it will be a pleasure to bowl on in the coming months.  This season will be challenging in a few regards, most of which relate to sponsorship and the financial situation in New Zealand at the moment.  In the past we have been lucky to attract good sponsorship for our tournaments which is great for the club, but we must remember our wonderful sponsors are investors and investors expect a good return on their money.

Our club booklet will be ready for Opening Day on Saturday 31 August.  A huge thank you, once again, to Dean & Julie Keven of Tass Print who sponsor our club by very generously printing our booklet at no cost to the club.

The growth of the club is always at the forefront of our minds and attracting new members is challenging.  Word of mouth and introducing friends and colleagues to our wonderful sport is the best method of maintaining and increasing our membership.

We have a great deal to offer in the way of good facilities and coaching, with one of the best outlooks a club could hope for.  If everyone made it their mission to introduce one new member to the club this season, it would be fantastic.

Concern has been raised over the protection of both our large assets, namely, the greens, both natural and carpet.  Care has to be taken to maintain both the top surface as well as the underneath and, to this end, I would encourage members to always be mindful of how they are delivering their bowls.  In addition, please ensure you wear correct footwear, which is an added layer of protection for the greens.

Sue Curran